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Valuing Local Entrepreneurial Businesses in Camden County Ga

Ballast Pointe Trading Company and BP Mercantile in Kingsland, Georgia are the passion and twelve-year investment of mother-daughter team Doris Maye and Dana Maye Hawthorne.

This two-stores-in-one “general store” is a one-of-a-kind small home furnishings business that reflects the unique creativity and talent of its owners, especially college-trained Atlanta interior designer, Dana.

Here you will find the blending of classic, new traditional furniture and accents with memorable re-imagined and re-purposed statement treasures and fun home-is-where-the-heart-is goodies. Since its inception, Ballast Pointe has wowed visitors with its signature concept, resulting in constant accolades and genuine surprise to find such a gem in sleepy historic small town Kingsland.

Just this past week, returning customers from New York, self-described experts and connoisseurs of antique stores and home boutiques throughout the US, reaffirmed their assessment that Ballast Pointe towers above them all. These kinds of statements are frequent and, of course, greatly appreciated.

Yet, the very fact that Ballast Pointe is a small stand-alone brick-and-mortar entity means it is vulnerable to economic shocks such as the recent pandemic. Small local operations do not have the “big-box” volume and corporate financial resources to meet ongoing expenses during periods of shopper absence. The next few months will likely determine whether Ballast Pointe and many other local businesses survive or become merely wistful memories in the minds and hearts of their supporters.

A cadre of customers has stepped up and purchased long-coveted Ballast Pointe merchandise to beautify and enhance their homes. Others have made purposeful gift selections that reflect their genuine feeling that the gift will be loved by its recipient while simultaneously supporting a shopping venue they value. Our hearts overflow at these overt commitments to maintain a local family business. Keeping the unique shops and other locally-owed operations viable enhances local revenues, supports local families and keeps a bit of special personal connection and beauty in our lives.

We will continue to do our very best to deserve your support and patronage. Thank you.

Dana Maye Hawthorne, Designer/Co-Owner


BP Mercantile

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