• Doris Maye

Soothing and Relaxing...Beautiful Surroundings Lift the Spirits

Soothing and Relaxing...Beautiful Surroundings Lift the Spirits

Ahhhh, the moment of relaxation after a busy day! You put on a favorite song, you pour a refreshing beverage, and just before you sink into your luxurious classic, comfortable sofa or chair, you light an aromatic candle and focus on the exquisite cocktail table in front of you that cradles a gorgeous design book and a unique one-of-a-kind statuary. Feel the tension leaving your neck and shoulders; feel the heart rate slow; and feel the corners of your mouth begin to form a gentle smile. The “Ballast Pointe Moment” has arrived.

At Ballast Pointe Trading Company and BP Mercantile in Kingsland, Georgia, achieving a home environment that enhances family quality of life is our passion and need not be difficult or expensive. Focusing on comfort, durability and esthetically pleasing home content is central. Embracing “things you love” with confidence is key. Shifting where existing content is placed and/or augmenting existing with select additions can instantly transform! Professional design guidance is gratis to customers of Ballast Pointe, so why not embrace the opportunity for more beautiful surroundings? Seize your “Ballast Pointe Moments” today!!

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