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Customer Impressions of Ballast Pointe Trading Company

Customer Impressions:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” as the saying goes. At Ballast Pointe Trading Company and BP Mercantile in Kingsland, GA, beauty is in the eye of the customer. As are value, esthetic, comfort, vibe, functionality and all the complex elements that touch a heart and mind.

A sampling of written customer comments highlights similar themes of pleasant surprise, hidden treasure, nostalgia and uniqueness.

Channah G.:“Oh my WOW! Y'all...This place is a paradise that explored all my senses.”

Julie H: “Awesome place for home décor and gifts! Old timey general store feel but exquisite merchandise.”

Tom H.: “What a pleasant surprise, very classy home décor items and very unique products that you will not find in the box and chain store.”

Joseph L.: “An oasis for the designer in me.”

Christina H.: “One of those hidden treasure places. Beautiful one of a kind furnishings. Very eclectic and trendy. I love the variety of old and new finds...brought back wonderful childhood memories...a stroll down memory lane.”

Others expressed evolving impression:

Tina L: “Not what I was expecting....thought it was an antique store. Many (new) lovely items, very boutique like setting. Will be back now that I know what to expect.”

Joseph S.: “I always thought this was a chain store way out of my price range until I went in and found a great variety of home goods. From furniture to decor they have it or will find it for you. They have stuff in all price ranges. The mother and daughter that own the shop are friendly and very helpful.”

Linda V. :”What a unique, quaint shop on the nearly deserted main street in Kingsland, Ga. She sells very nice, pricey furniture, tons of fancy candles and an array of unusual items as deer antlers, food items (dried beans, cookies, honey) and accessories for your house. Definitely worth a visit if you are on your way to Cumberland Island on hwy 17, thru the old south!”

And the interesting thing is, they all all correct! Ballast Pointe and BP Mercantile have such a wide range of options that one can find an exquisite (and pricey) pair of antique French Indian wood-iron doors or a 10-cent blue ocean marble! Discover a stunning one-of-a-kind artist-created Steampunk bar table or a collection of wine bottle corks! Seashells or a realistic giant science model sea turtle; top-of-the line new and custom-ordered upholstery or a set of vintage wood theater seats; gourmet teas, candies and condiments or a bag of ginger snaps; luxurious pillows and throws or a bundle of retro kitchen cloths....the list is in the hundreds and must be experienced personally to form your own individual perceptions.

Come by for a visit and add your reactions to the conversation. We'd love to see you! Tuesday – Saturday, 10 -4, 100 S. Lee St, Kingsland, GA, just 2 miles west of I-95 Exit 3.

Image Source: Kingsland Visitors Bureau


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