• Doris Maye

Pure & Simple - Nostalgic Holiday Decor

Pure & Simple - Nostalgic Holiday Decor

Frustrated with how commercial the holidays have become? You and we.....and scores of others! Glitz and gaudy are NOT to be found at Ballast Pointe Trading Company and BP Mercantile in Kingsland, GA. Starting with the delightful holiday window vignettes—remember Ralphie and his Dad's “Major Award'? How about a peek at a vintage Santa's Workshop? See how many creative details you can recognize and relate to!

And then, there are the warm, endearing festive touches inside these “general stores” for the home! Classic retro elements—such as popcorn garland, giant candy canes and Victorian gifts—pair seamlessly with nature-themed designs—such as grazing reindeer, message-in-a-bottle ornaments (a Ballast Pointe exclusive!) and realistic faux flora.

Check out the interesting and unique designs that you can use as inspiration for your own home! Resolve to enhance the warmth and comfort of the holidays by returning to simple joys and pleasures. Help the loved ones in your life experience the true meaning of family, love and community fellowship by visiting Ballast Pointe early and often! Your patronage is golden!

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