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Cutting Edge Accessories in Kingsland, Ga

BALLAST POINTE TRADING COMPANY and BP Mercantile in Kingsland, GA selects and offers a wide range of interesting home accessories and gifts. A partial listing showcases photo frames, wall art, pillows, antler and bone items, shells and coral, lamps, vintage bottles, books, hour glasses, votives, wood gear molds, faux botanicals and one-of-a-kind statuary. Several of the most versatile of our accessory options are featured in the September 2017 issue of Country Living Magazine: cloches and nature-themed wall charts.

On page 87, Country Living showcases cloches, dating them “back to 1630,” and emphasizing that a cloche “elevates anything you put inside.” The magazine also notes the ability to change contents by season, such as eggs in a nest for Spring; faux ferns for Summer; shed antlers for Fall; and pine cones or ornaments for Winter. At Ballast Pointe, Dana's creative talent takes the cloche to the realm of a work of art. All are unique design focal points and charming enhancements for every décor.

Country Living extols the “ageless appeal” of accessories depicting birds, botanicals, and landscapes. In the September 2017 issue, a pair of aviary hangings complements leafy motifs on pillows, decoys and other natural world connections. Bringing the outside in adds visual relief and automatically adds a sense of calm to a room.

Country Living, September 2017, p. 80.

Ballast Pointe loves to incorporate natural themes and carries a wide range of charts and other natural accents. Explore the world within and without—and merge the two for the pleasure of friends, family and self!

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