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Ballast Pointe Trading Company and BP Mercantile are the realization of a dream of the mother and daughter owners and creators. The goal—provide a retail oasis that inspires comfort, beauty and serenity in the home. After all, most of us spend the largest part of each day in our own, special space—our home.

It should be a retreat from the world--as lovely, joyful and personal as possible. The entire contents and feel of your home--furniture, lighting, artwork, accessories—should radiate relaxation and rejuvenation of the spirit.

As we pass the mid-year mark of Year 10 in business, customers reflect success in reaching our goal. Compliments are constant and exuberant. Remarkable “gifts of love” customers bring to us are heartwarming and treasured (more on these in a future post). Today, we found a Unicorn.

Our Unicorn Rock was in our planter outside Ballast Pointe in historic downtown Kingsland, GA. It immediately brought a smile and a memory. You see, Dana, Ballast Pointe's professional designer and creative talent…......has always loved unicorns. As a child she collected them in all sizes and styles—elegant, whimsical, vintage, new—the more unique, the better. She drew them, painted them and wrote stories about them.

To her they were magic! Unicorns meant: Believe! And your dreams will come true!

And, with Ballast Pointe, creatively, those dreams did come true! Customers, too, see and feel the special nature of Ballast Pointe and BP Mercantile. They express excitement at having found a “Unicorn of Stores”: “I've never seen anything else like it,” "magical," “a gift”, “one-of-a-kind,” “most remarkable store I've ever seen,” “inspiring,” “I want to l-i-v-e here!”

How delightful and rewarding these sentiments are! How personally significant our little Unicorn Rock is! Of course, we will place another rock in turn, but this little beauty is staying at its forever home—Ballast Pointe. Thank you to its thoughtful giver and thank you to all our wonderful patrons—our dear friends and supporters.

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